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WILDCOVE is a business with a conscience, supporting projects that target pressing environmental issues, including the elimination of marine litter and single use plastics, through raising awareness campaigns and effective hands on action in the community.

Using storytelling and social media to educate, inspire and empower communities to become agents of change, WILDCOVE aims to motivate people to actively engage in removing marine litter from our coastlines and find alternatives to the single use plastics that are threatening our oceans.

We all have a WILDCOVE. This is ours. 

Look out onto the wild and rugged coast of Cardigan Bay and you'll be greeted by a crisp wind and a stunning view over one of the hundreds of beautiful coves that link together to form the magnificent west coast of Wales. From the crystal-clear waters brimming with life on fine summer days, to the dark and powerful white horse topped seas lashing the cliffs throughout the long winter months, these ever-changing environments share one constant - there is an abundance of wildlife here. From Europe's largest resident population of Bottlenose Dolphins performing in the bay, to the Atlantic Grey Seal pups patiently waiting to be fed on the sandy shorelines and the Guillemots and Razorbills perched perilously along the clifftops, these coves are home to a vast array of wildlife and an ecosystem we want to protect. We all have a WILDCOVE. This is ours.

WILDCOVE was founded in 2016 when my partner, Justyna, and I were out enjoying evening walks and sunset picnics on the harbour wall in New Quay. We would sit, glass of wine in hand, looking out over Dolau beach, taking in the breathtaking views of Snowdonia in the distance, with the dolphins and seals performing right in front of us. This was our special place. This was our Wild Cove.

We couldn't help but notice the sheer volume of tourist related litter that was generated by the thousands of visitors each day with much of it ending up on the beaches and in between the boulders that form the village's breakwaters. We also noticed the sheer volume of marine litter and plastics washing up along the coastline posing a significant risk to the Wildlife. We'd abandon our picnics and spend the rest of the evening collecting fish and chip wrappers, polystyrene trays and plastic forks and walking up and down the beach picking up anything that had washed in with the tide.

We decided that something needed to be done in order to help protect fragile ecosystems like these from the effects of human activity, marine litter and single use plastics. Wildcove was born.

WILDCOVE is an Environmental Conservation business based in New Quay, Cardigan Bay, on the west coast of Wales. Proceeds from our WILDCOVE store help us to support projects that tackle marine litter and single-use plastics: wildcove.teemill.co.uk

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WILDCOVE aims to deliver powerful and original content inspiring environmental change in your community.




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