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Plans to reintroduce beavers to Wales after an absence of centuries are moving ahead after wildlife experts submitted an application to release 10 of the creatures into the wild. The trial in an undisclosed location in southern Wales could begin this year. Scotland recently listed beavers as a protected species there following a successful reintroduction. Natural Resources Wales (NRW) said it would have to consider the impact on existing wildlife and land use. The Welsh Beaver Project first submitted an application over a year ago to NRW and said, following this subsequent submission, a public consultation would be held. The...

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Steve and Joanna Porter have lived on the remote Bardsey Island near the coast of the Llŷn Peninsula since 2007. They had responded to and advert looking for a family to run the island's farm. Here's a selection of their pictures celebrating the arrival of winter on Bardsey: Image: November hail showers being chased by the rainbow Image: It's good to be well-fed and insulated in the wintry conditions Image: short sharp showers Image: Rachel, Steve and Joanna's daughter, looks down on the mainland from the highest point on Bardsey Image: Steve's terriers shielding themselves from the strong winds Image: November brought gale force storms...

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