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Preventing deforestation is central to curbing carbon emissions – and a case study on the Amazon shows the most cost-effective way of doing it. Explorer, author, award-winning documentary maker and advocate for indigenous people’s rights, Bruce Parry, has written this thought provoking peice: I’ve spent a lot of time with indigenous peoples in remote places. So when I argue that the best way – or at least the cheapest way – to stop climate change is to grant land rights to indigenous communities, you might suspect I’m not coming from an entirely objective viewpoint. You’ve probably also heard various industry...

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Show your support with this #standwithstandingrock Limited Edition T-Shirt. Our T-Shirt's are sustainably sourced and premium quality. Order now from our Eco Store with Rapid Delivery and Free UK Returns. We Stand With Standing Rock. Do you? Buy your WILDCOVE Stand with Standing Rock T-Shirt here and show your support! #StandwithStandingRock #NoDAPL Everything you need to know about the controversial oil pipeline that has become a rallying cry for indigenous rights and climate change activism: The Native American protests against the Dakota Access pipeline have become an international rallying cry for indigenous rights and climate change activism, drawing thousands to...

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